We are precious stones . . .

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God’s Gift   by Summer Joy

A vision in God’s eye

A smile on His lips

A beat to His heart

A joy in His step

You are everything to Him

He sees what no one else does

Everything that makes you beautiful

Meant for this world!

He hopes that nothing in this world

Can keep you from Him

Or what He has for you

Daddy’s little girl

Your smile,

Your heart

Your steps

Mean everything to Him

Your love means everything to Him

He gave you a free will,

Everything that love can do and hope for

The best despite the challenges life may bring you

He believes and knows that you can overcome,

Do you?

He hopes so much that you believe in love,

That unseen force that keeps us all going,

That breath of God,

The kiss of love,

That brings hope to each day

Spirit of hope let it not die within,

Even if each breath is a struggle and a hardship

Don’t’ give up

Breathe every breath for hope and love and life,

Believe in love in all its forms,

You are a gift to life from the Father

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